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Getting started


No jQuery needed.


Direct download

Source Download

$ git clone git@github.com:akinjide/cookiet.git
Once you have cookiet, you can use it to easily create a cookie by providing


Create a cookie, valid across the entire site, that expires 30 days from now.

name: ‘hello’, // name
value: ‘world’, // value
expire: 30, // expires 30 days from creation date
path: ‘/’, // path for the website. ‘/’ for the whole website. <Optional>
domain: ‘helloworld.com’, // Locked to which domain <Optional>
secure: true, // Use SSL, for website with SSL Certificate <Optional>
httpOnly: false // Use httpOnly flag <Optional>

(Optional) domain = ex: domain.com. If not set, it would be available for all subdomains.
(Optional) secure = Use SSL while transferring cookie to server
(Optional) httpOnly – Using the HttpOnly flag when generating a cookie helps mitigate the risk of client side script accessing…

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