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Build Status
The Boo Programming Language (c) 2009 Rodrigo B. de Oliveira (rbo@acm.org)



.NET 4.5
Visual C++ Build Tools*
* Boo is built with NAnt, which must be buit from sources, which requires NMake, which comes with the Visual C++ Build Tools.


Mono 4.2.x (4.2.4 is the latest and recommended)
Build Tools

You can install compatible versions of the required tools into the build-tools directory, where the build scripts will execute them from, by running the bootstrap script.


The bootstrap script is a PowerShell script; however, it must be run from a x86 Native Tools Command Prompt:

powershell .\build-tools\bootstrap


Building Boo requires Mono 4.2.x, which is not likely to be your “Current” version of Mono. To avoid having to switch your current version every time you want to work on Boo, you can specify the version to use when you run the bootstrap script. The build scripts will then use that version of Mono, regardless of your current version.

./build-tools/bootstrap [<mono version>]

To build the repository, run the nant script:

# Windows (PowerShell)
.\nant [<target>]
# Mac/Linux
./nant [<target>]
With no target specified, this will build the repository (code and tests) incrementally. To clean and build the repository from scratch, run the “rebuild” target. This will also cause the ast classes and parser to be regenerated (needs a java vm)

To run the unit tests that have already been built with nant, run the nunit script:

# Windows (PowerShell)
# Mac/Linux
To build and test the entire repository, the same way the CI build does, run the ci script:

# Windows (PowerShell)
# Mac/Linux
How to Start

For a brief description of the project and its goals take a look at docs/BooManifesto.sxw.

extras/boox contains a sweet little tool you can use to get yourself acquainted with the language.

src/ contains all the source code for the runtime and compiler components.

tests/ contains all the unit tests.

testcases/integration is a good source of information on the language features.

lib/ contains project dependencies such as antlr.

bin/ contains the latest version that passed all the tests and could be successfully used to rebuild the system.

Running and compiling code

To execute a boo script run:

booi <script> [args]
For instance:

booi examples/hw.boo
You can also have booi to read from stdin by typing:

booi –
You can generate .net assemblies by using booc (either the booc.exe utility or the booc nant task):

booc -output:build/hello.exe examples/hw.boo
If you want to simply see the transformations applied to your code by the compiler use the boo pipeline, run:

booc -p:boo examples/replace.boo
More Information

http://boo-lang.org/ https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/boolang


See: https://github.com/boo-lang/boo/graphs/contributors



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